Cross Country Cross Country · Cross Country – What do I do now?

With the cross country season coming to an end, the best advice I can give you is to run track! Depending on how you are feeling and what other cross country races you are running, read the options below to see where you fit in.

  1. Done with cross country, not running track – have a great Spring semester and be on the lookout for information for our meeting in May. Try to get some running in. You do not want to take the entire spring semester off!
  2. Done with cross country, running track – I hope this applies to most of you!
    1. No apparent injuries/aches/pains from cross country – take 1 week off of no running to let your body and mind rest and recover. After that begin running. Start with some easy 30 min runs and strides. Come out to practice and run with some teammates!
    2. You are experiencing aches/pains/injuries from cross country – TALK TO COACH GAMBRELL! I need to know what is going on so that we can make sure to get you healthy and ready to go so that you do not get injured again in track. You will need some extra rest to recover but there are some things we can have you start doing depending on the injury.

Track conditioning for the distance kids will officially start 11/5 after school. We will meet at the track.