Hawks News · Important Safety Announcement!


Every spring parking in the bus port and stadium area becomes a problem at Hillgrove.  We have had people parking in areas in the bus port outside of the stadium that are not designated for parking. We are having many issues in the back, in particular on game days where people are parking in spaces that aren’t designated spaces. This is dangerous for pedestrians, doesn’t leave enough room for the visiting team buses, and presents an issue if emergency vehicles need to come to assist an injured person. The Fire Marshall has been to the school and has advised us that there is a problem and it needs to be corrected or there is chance that cars will get ticketed or towed.

 Here is where you CANNOT park:

  • Please do not park along the RED curbs that are designated for fire lanes. These areas include the red curbs in the front of the stadium, behind the Ticket Booth and on the opposite side of the road from the Ticket Booth. This area is for emergency vehicles.
  • Please do not sit in your car along the RED curb and wait for your student to come out.  This blocks the area designated for emergency vehicles and creates safety issues when cars try to go around the cars that are stopped.
  • Please do not park in the white angled parking spaces….you will notice these are long lines and are for the school buses. This includes the white angled spaces that start before the yellow lines. These are the lanes designated for buses during school hours.
  • Please do not create your own space. If there are no lines, please don’t park there.
  • If you are just picking up your child, please do not sit out in the middle of the road blocking the lane and expect your child to walk in front of other vehicles to get to you. It is best to pull into a designated space and let your child know where to locate you.

 Here is where you CAN park:

  • Inside of the YELLOW lined parking spaces that are designated for cars.  These spaces are lined all of the way down the fence line by the grass field.
  • Inside the YELLOW lined parking spaces that are marked in between the diagonal bus spaces and the school itself (these are two spaces facing each other).
  • If all of these spaces are full, then there is additional parking on both sides of the school (Gym and Baseball).

 Thank you for your cooperation in making sure that the parking lot is a safe space for pedestrians and vehicles.