Coed Varsity Cross Country · HXC 7 Minute Time Trial #2

Hawks! It is time for our 2nd 7 minute time trial! Please read below for some thoughts/advice!

  1. The main goal is to cover more distance than you did last time!
    1. There will be a prize for the boy and girl who improve the most from Time Trial #1 to Time Trial #2 (this means who improves the amount of distance covered the most from #1 to #2).
  2. Take a look at the team time trial results (I have included the results below) to help you see how far you should cover. I think last time some of you were a little nervous so you did not cover as much distance as you probably could have. Push yourself and try to move up the list!!!
  3. Try to keep the same route that you ran last time. This is not a requirement but it would make comparing the distance to the first time trial more accurate.
  4. You need to WARM UP and COOL DOWN for the time trial. Warm up should include 10-15 minutes of running and strides. Cool down should be done to get mileage for the day.
  5. If possible find a few teammates who were close to you last time trial and run with them!
  6. Share your results with Coach Gambrell! Either tag HillgroveXC on Instagram and post to your story OR email me a screenshot. ALL RESULTS MUST BE GPS VERIFIABLE TO COUNT! If you are not sure how to do this, email Coach Gambrell.
  7. Remember after this time trial we are going to take a few days off to rest/relax/recharge/recover and get ready for the 2020 season. All runner should take off Saturday-Monday. Check the Summer Training page on the website for updated mileage plans (

2020 Team Time Trial #1Results